Monday, October 5, 2009

Quinces on a tea towel

Three Quinces with Leaves

Quinces with Ornate Dish

Quinces in box

Quinces in a Glass bowl

Falling quinces

Quinces with a knife

wrapped quinces

Cut quince on a cushion

Quince on a cushion

Quinces in a basket

Quinces wrapped

Japanese Doll on cushion

Quinces in a tree

Three quinces


wrapped forms

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


On my return from Mildura I continued exploring in larger format, quinces, fabric and other autumn fruits. 78cm x 78cm

Thursday, April 30, 2009


Number 6 of 6
All the following quince paintings are approx 50 x25 cm acrylic on board and were painted in Mildura while I was an artist in residence at the Artvault gallery. All the works of art posted on May 1st are for sale.


Quinces 5 of 6

Number 5 of 6

Quinces 4 of 6

Number 4 of 6

Quinces 3 of 6

Number 3 0f 6

Quinces 2 of 6

Number 2 0f 6

Quinces 1 of 6

Number 1 of 6 quince paintings.
Approx 50 x 25cm acrylic on board

pen and ink drawings

Here are the other 6 drawings

pen and ink drawings

Here are 6 of the 12 drawings in the exhibition at the Art Vault.

Inspired by plant, human and fibrous images

torus 2

placental drawings

These two drawings were inspired by illustrations in an ancient gynecological book on female anatomy.

On display in Mildura at the Artvault


A diptych painted in Mildura.
Oil on canvas approx 180cm x 90cm


This is my first lithograph. It will be printed by Peter Lancaster in May

Placenta and plant form

These small oil paintings are on display in an exhibition at the Artvault in Mildura until 9th May 2009